Charters Tennis

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Coaching Tips for Development

Review some of our videos to help improve your tennis skills.

Approaching the Net

Combination Tennis

Watch one of our academy players working on a combination strategy of moving in towards the net from the back of the court.
Work on combining groundstrokes / approach shots with first volleys and second volleys. Fast footwork and court positioning is key to achieving this strategy effectively.

Developing Racket Speed

Improving your Swing

Watch one of our coaches working on developing racket head speed through the ball to generate power and depth through the shot.
Work on early preparation, building racket momentum and explosive movement to help develop racket head speed.

Productive Training

Drills & Skills.

Watch one of our coaches training productively. Working on groundstrokes, movement, positioning, footwork, racket preparation, contact points and consistency of technique.
Making your practise sessions goal orientated will help develop your shots quicker and ultimately make you a better player.

Developing your Volley

Shot Variations & Techniques

Watch one of our academy players learning the volley at the net. She is trying to learn how to move towards the volley and stay strict and composed through the movement.
Work on your contact point, ready position, controlling your racket head and timing to develop this shot.

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